Monday, 6 June 2016

Sellers - Getting your Home ready for the Real Estate Market

Before you put your house on the real estate market, set aside some time to spruce it up and maximize its sales appeal.

A few weeks prior to listing your house, do an inspection tour, trying to look at things through the eyes of a stranger. Make a list of things that need to be cleaned and repaired and estimate the time, cost and priority of each chore. Take a particularly good look at your bathrooms and kitchen. Time and money invested in painting and refurbishing these key rooms will have maximum impact!


We at MumbaiProperties, provide recommendations to the home owners who have listed their properties with us, for increasing its sales appeal. Realtors have an insight into what matters to buyers and if the sellers understand this well, it can materialize into a quick sale.

Here is a To-do list for Sellers!
Prior to showing your house:

• Get rid of clutter on shelves, countertops and closets. Consider packing seldom-used items you don't want to discard in boxes and storing them until you move. 
• Put excess furniture and items that are showing wear, in storage until you move. 
• Rearrange the remaining furniture attractively (ask your agent or a friend to help you decide what goes where).
• Repair and/or paint walls that are dirty or chipped or show sign of seepage/leakage. Major leakage would require deep repairs, but its always worth the efforts. 
• Dryclean the curtains and drapes.
• Get the apartment deep cleaned. 
• Fix leaky faucets and appliances that don't work. 
• Get rid of junk or storage that's accumulated in your house . (You'll have to do this before you move anyway, so why not get a head start?)

While your house is on the market:

• First impressions are lasting : Keep the house clean - tidy up, vacuum and dust daily, if possible, and do laundry before it piles up. 
• Keep a list of things to do and places to go while prospective buyers are viewing your house.
• Let your Realtor handle the showing and stay out of limelight 
• Communicate with buyers clearly on whats on offer and what furniture and fixture would be left with the apartment

After your house is sold:

• Make sure you keep everything clean and in good working order. 
• Do any repairs you've agreed to look after in the negotitation contract.
• If you have small children and find it hard to keep the house tidy, think about hiring a cleaning service like Hammer & Mop to help you. 
• If you have older kids, ask them to keep their rooms tidy and to take on chores like daily cleaning and dusting.
• Ensure you apply to the utilities company for transfer of the utility in the new owners name 
• Settle all utility bills till the date of handover of possession and furnish the buyer with copy of all such payments
• Introduce your buyer to the neighbours and try to make their transition to this apartment easy!