Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Looking to purchase a house? Here are 4 Real Estate terms you must know

1) Covered Area
The total area of home that comes under single roof is called covered area.

2) Carpet Area
The actual area of home that is used minus wall thickness. To put it in layman terms, area of the apartment where carpet can be spread easily is called carpet area.

3) Built-up Area
The total area that includes carpet area, terrace area, walls and ducts area, balcony and thickness of outer walls is called built-up area. This area is about 10 percent more than the carpet area.

4) Super built-up Area
The area that falls under common space such as stairs, lift, corridors etc. is called super built-up-area. This area is generally 25 percent more than built up area.

So, when a real estate agent is selling you in an apartment of about 1800 sq ft, it doesn’t mean that you avail complete 1700 sq ft for personal use. The area that is generally offered is super built-up area and not the carpet area.