In March 1997, a group of like-minded realtors joined in a picnic party and discussed the concept of mutual growth through sharing of knowledge and active interaction on a common platform. Teething ideas that evolved in the party took concrete shape with the birth of the Association of Real Estate Agents (AREA Group) on June 16th of the same year. The association was established and a set of extensive memorandum of association and regulatory procedures were put in place simultaneously. With 35 founder members playing an active role in core administrative and operative functions, this unique organization located in Krishna Nagari on S.V.Road, Borivali in Mumbai West today occupies a prominent place in the real estate industry in India. 

Over the years, AREA Group has built a community of realtors while providing a platform for positive interaction between realtors and customers. Today, it has become one of the best and most coveted platforms for interaction, exchange of opinions, knowledge gathering, and free guidance for realtors, real estate agents, enterprises, and above all, customers, from the nooks and corners of the entire country.
Today, AREA Group is an extremely strong community of likeminded realtors who have been interacting positively with real estate industry. It has been instrumental in bringing builders, brokers and other people of the real estate industry together on a common platform and building an environment of collaborative association among them.
In doing so, AREA Group has also been involving the customers who are the ultimate target of any business, especially real estate business. By deploying the novel and innovative idea of creating a common interactive platform for builder-customer interaction, the organization is opening up new avenues where the two major players in real estate business work in complete and harmonious collaboration with each other.
AREA Group services not just its members but also other stakeholders in the real estate ecosystem ensuring that everyone, including customers, will find a common platform where they can interact with one another and address effectively all small and big problems related to properties involved and their developments. In addition, the organization offers an excellent platform for building awareness among all concerned through conferences, meetings, and discussion forums. These endeavors have brought about a change in an industry that was hitherto plagued by rift between developers and customers.
The AREA Group platform ensures that those who were previously looked upon as brokers will now be given a new prestigious face as "consultants" working to resolve the problems of their clients in the most ethical manner. There is no room for non-ethical activities in the premises of AREA Group, which intends to serve the best interest of members and their customers.
Thus, for resolving any problems relating to real estate industry, AREA Group presents itself as a one point solution today. Despite the plethora of advice and information in the market today, the AREA Group goes one step further and works to resolve problems through interactive and collaborative interface rather than indulging in fault finding debates.
Points of differences of AREA Group, which work as the very unique aspects that call for AREA Group to be a first choice, are as follows:

·         They deal with quality products with clear titles only
·         Entire process developed by them is based on collaborative cooperation
·         It helps members to set up quality structures using resources
·         The organization enhances client value catering to their requirements and budget
·         It makes customer satisfaction its sole motto
·         The organization works with complete transparency and in an ethical manner
·         No hidden cost is to be paid by the clients apart from what they initially agreed to pay
·         It aims to give the clients best value for the money spent
·         Provides an effective link between builders and
·         Pure objective of the organization is to serve the people without any profit motive