Thursday, 9 June 2016

Read what Hammer & Mop advises to do in order to Keep Your Home Cleaner in a Season of Sniffles.

It is that time of the year again, when seasons change and minor infections come creeping into our homes. Runny noses, coughs and burning eyes are common phenomena and not quite something that’s desirable. While there are a lot of preventive steps to be taken to avoid infections, a basic step would be to keep our homes cleaner.

Cleaning is Therapeutic
There is no doubt that cleaning is therapeutic – as an activity and the result it delivers. Clean surroundings result in peace of mind, calmer senses and better air quality than otherwise. Best if we breathe in cleaner air without particulate pollutants purely because the home is clean.
Remove Dust
Dust is nastier than it seems, for it settles everywhere, gets inhaled and carries viruses. Settled dust represents stagnancy, and it is healthy to simply clean it away. All surfaces must be dusted (ideally) everyday and dust settled in the corners ought to be removed (ideally) once a month.

Wipe those Doorknobs, Cellphones & Remote Controls
The places where most hands & surfaces touch are dirtier than you can imagine, and carry a deadly number of microbes. It is recommended that such surfaces are wiped clean with a mild disinfectant (ideally) everyday or at least once a week. Since you touch everything and touch these things too, cleaning these surfaces is crucial to a healthier home.

Wash Your Hands
And it is best you do this every hour. Yes, every 60 minutes. Wash your hands with soap and water every 60 minutes and you will keep heck loads of infectious microbes away from you. Your hands go everywhere – from your laptop keyboard to your phone to your face to your table to your face again to an office refrigerator handle to your wallet to your laptop and back to your face. It becomes filthy in 60 minutes and it needs to be washed! Do it for a healthier you!
Wash Your Head
To avoid cross contamination, it is recommended to wash your hair regularly because it is major carrier of germs. Cleanliness starts with the self, so if you keep yourself cleaner (by washing hands and hair regularly), you will have lesser causes to worry because germs will start leaving you alone! :)
Vacuum That Upholstery
Or just have it washed! Upholstery is a hotbed for dust and microbes. We sit on it, sleep on it, laze around on it, wrap ourselves in it  (curtain madness), eat on it and spill stuff on it. Fabric is not as clean as it looks and best if it is washed regularly. Quarterly or Half Yearly works best!
Sanitize Those Mattresses
Mattresses have layers and layers of dust mites and their excreta (yes, you read that right) and it grows every month. A sanitization process (deep vacuum and UV treatment) ensures your beds are clean enough to sleep and breathe on. This also helps in case of medical patients and infants.
Clean Windows & Safety Grills
The best way to keep our homes clean is to protect the borders! There are layers of particulate pollutants on window surfaces and safety grills. When the wind comes in, it brings with it these pollutants for us to breathe in and live in. Keep those surfaces clean helps us be healthier than we are.

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