Saturday, 28 January 2017

Why is your Moral Character the key to your Success in Business ?

Remember your school days when a compulsory session of Moral Science was introduced into your already packed study schedule and the grimace on your face? Well, it did dispense some seemingly profound knowledge about life, behaviour and being good which we then considered unnecessary. However there were some useful insights it provided and may have stayed with many of us in our adult lives. Standing up for our beliefs, admitting our mistakes or following up with a small but relevant promise we made, are things that determine the moral character of a person.

In our private as well as in our professional lives as business owners or working professionals or parents or spouses, it is always difficult to admit our wrongdoings or convey the blinding truth. The one who does the correct, ethical thing when faced with a moral dilemma, stays true to himself and prefers people to profits is the one who weathers the storm and comes out unscathed in the long term. As a realtor, there would be many enticing situations where a property may not be right for your client or have a loophole only you know about, yet the lure of a fat commission may draw you to act selfishly. This may lead to a short monetary benefit or a temporary smug feeling, but such acts never escape unnoticed. If you want to sleep peacefully and achieve success, make sure your moral character remains spotless.

Accomplish long-lasting peace: If your dealings have been transparent and your intentions honourable, there is no reason why you can’t be proud about it. People who cherish their moral character and remain true to their beliefs are blessed with sound sleep, simply because they have worked in the best interests of their clients during the day and haven’t compromised for small gains

Reinforce Faith & Trust: Every relationship needs a certain amount of trust and honesty to be nurtured into a strong one and this comes through mutual respect and openness. It’s your moral character that will decide whether people (read clients) will rely upon you and trust your judgement and word before, during and after transactions.
Building an impeccable reputation: Individuals who possess great moral character acts as natural magnets and draw attention towards themselves due to a strong reputation they have created through flawless work.
Decrease anxiety: Individuals with character do not have to generate excuses for their actions nor do they need to play games with clients. Clear actions lead to a clear conscience and those who carry out transactions without an ulterior motive, rest easy too.

Leadership: If you want your team to work selflessly for you without resorting to arm-twisting strategies, it is best to work on your own character than that of others. People are more than will to take the extra step for a leader who can be trusted and is respected. There is no reason for rules to be implemented as your employees know that they are following a person with integrity.
Becoming a role model: If your character is strong and believable, you will soon become a role model who is known for the high standards they follow and the excellence they seek in everything they do. Their words and actions speak for themselves and elevate them to greater heights.
Live life with a purpose: People who have a robust moral character do not have to impress others with any false or made-up actions and live a life that is studded with proud moments. Fabricated lies and deceit are never a part of their vocabulary nor do they need it to impress their clients or employees.
Develop a strong legacy: Business is all about doing the right thing. Business tactics that smell of deceit and falsehood may not last for long in a truthful environment and could die an equally unnatural death. If you are in the business for the long haul, your moral character has to override everything else and assure your customers, vendors, employees and the like, of being treated fairly and equally, irrespective of their

Always remember, people love to transact and conduct business with people who have a sense of fairness and are principled. Rest all the ups and downs of business are taken care of, if your moral character is upright. It helps you to hold your head high in difficult times and tide over turbulent waters as the seeds of stability have long been sowed and now are ready to be reaped. 

Credit : Ramprasad Padhi