Saturday, 21 January 2017

7 Resolutions for Building Relationships

All those realtors running their real estate businesses should know that success is completely dependent on how business relationships are managed. Acquiring a client is definitely difficult but retaining them is a slightly more complex task, so it is imperative that they receive service of the highest level. To build strong and enduring client relationships in 2017 & beyond, remember these 7 Resolutions and always score high with clients. 

#1 Moderation is the key: Communication is a highly essential factor in a client-realtor relationship so keep clients informed about the latest happenings and give the necessary feedback, either through a phone call or a crisp Whatsapp message.
#2 Add Value & Build Trust: By offering value to a client, you are assured of repeat business and also referrals from their family and friends. Your expertise and dedication will create trust and ensure they stay with you for a long time
#3 Make Honesty your middle name: The modern client is smart and informed so make sure you are truthful and provide info that is verified and true. Once your reputation is tarnished, there is no way you can mend it, your client is lost to you, FOREVER.

#4 Stay true to your word: Promise only what you can deliver and you will never go wrong. Not living upto a commitment is a sure-fire way of betraying a client’s trust which is paramount in a realty business
#5 Acknowledge your clients individuality: Look at a client from a pure business point of view and you will lose out on the opportunity to understand them as an individual, know them a deeper, more personal level. A stronger bond emanates if you deal with a person than with just a client.
#6 Thank you is a huge word: A long-term relationship is often taken for granted and the small courtesies are often ignored, but thanking clients for their continued support goes a long in strengthening the bond further.

#7 Realty is a long-term business: When a client trusts you with his home (buying or selling) in probably the largest investment of his life, it says a lot about you as his preference. Commit fully to their satisfaction and you will have a client for a lifetime.

Make 2017 your best year ever by sticking to these resolutions and watch your business bloom.

Credit : Ramprasad Padhi