Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Mumbai's first cop housing scheme to come up on private land

MUMBAI: The city's first police housing scheme will come up on private land, in a no-development zone which has been converted into a residential zone for the purpose.

The government has permitted the conversion as "most land in its vicinity has already been developed". Urban development department (UDD) officials said the plot was near the Infinity IT Park and civic reservoir in Malad, beyond which is the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The scheme is subject to the draft notification of the eco-sensitive zone around the National Park issued in January.

The over 20-acre (80,934 sq metre) plot is owned by construction firm D B Realty, and its development is being allowed under Section 33(3) (b) of the Development Control Regulations (DCR), which means a developer can sell 80% of the construction as a sale component.

UDD officials said the total floor space index (FSI) that will be allowed is 3.8, which means the developer can construct 33.1 lakh sq ft. Of this, an FSI of 1 will be for police housing and the remainder can be sold by the developer in the open market, for which the incentive FSI is 0.8. The developer gets the base FSI of 1 and can also use the transfer of development rights, so the total FSI is 3.8. Each police tenement is to be 40 sq m (430.55 sq ft).

In a notification early this month, the UDD said the home department will be the authority for the land development and will ensure that the police housing component is strictly implemented at the earliest.

Under its housing policy for the police, the state will set up 33,000 tenements on private land and so introduced the new DCR. It directed that the developer must maintain a 10-metre buffer zone on land adjoining the forest. The developer will have to develop an 18-metre wide road.